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Principal Message

Principal Message

Dear Students, Staff & Parents,

With great joy I welcome you to Dilasagram convent school website. We have taken great care and effort to create a digital resource that would provide you an easy access to relevant and updated information about Dilasagram. We hope, you enjoy your visit for the regular look over.

Covid -19, creating worldwide havoc and chaos has bothered our routines and life style. Everyone in the world is directly or indirectly affected by corona virus Pandemic. It has severely shaken our very own existence. Here we are to fight back and never to give up rather sail forward with deep conviction and enthusiasm till we reach our goal. Children are one of the major victims of this pandemic. Whole of education system faced its consequences. However, the significance of education remains consistent.Therefore, we need to be prepared to proceed with life in its fullness and face the challenges to cater to the academic excellence at this status of physical closure, adapting to virtual E-learning.

Dilasagram with its long rewarding background of academic excellence and achievements continuous its sail in the ocean of knowledge by igniting the spark of creativity and curiosity in every child. Authentic learning opportunities are provided through extensive range of scholastic and co-scholastic activities. We ensure integrated, joyful and experiential learning platform in order to ‘draw out’ the best from the students thus we create citizens who can ‘Renew the face of the earth’ (School motto). Our beautiful large campus fascinates the child with curiosity with its aesthetics, immaculateness cognitively rich atmosphere. I feel proud to note the devoted and self-motivated facilitators who wholeheartedly execute their innovative and creative ideas to cater the best education to our future generation. Ourever-supportive parents are the backbones in our successful endeavour. As parents and teachers,it is our prime duty to channelize the talents and energy to our young generation into creative and effective community building. Let’s join hands together to take the vision of dilasagram into great heights thus make our dream into reality.

Let’s together pledge to never give up. Yes, humanity has seen worse, but every time we have bounced back. We shall again … Let’s us stand united for a greater cause.

I wish you all God’s blessings and joyful experience at DILASAGRAM …. A temple of knowledge and consolation.

Dilasagram Convent School (CBSE)

Dilasagram Convent School CBSE is a private institution established, managed and run by the Congregation of the Sisters of the Holy Spirit. It is a minority Institution run under the banner of the Catholic Church


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