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Dilasagram Convent School with the aim to have all round development of the school and students has formed different committees. Committees work enthusiastically and actively to keep working of the school effective and smooth.

The main aim of the School Managing C is all round development of the students, provide a healthy environment so that our students can have a positive attitude for physical, emotional and intellectual growth or to make the students well balanced personalities.

  1. Sr. Maria Threse
  2. Sr. Saumya
  3. Sr. Agatha
  4. Sr. Selvam
  5. Sr. Molly
  6. Mr. Prabhudas Ramekar.
  7. Mrs. Puja Patel.
  8. Mr. Shrinivas Reddy.

The committee seeks to create a platform that provides the students with an opportunity to display creative talents in a variety of ways.

  1. Sr. Selvam
  2. Mrs. Puja Patel
  3. Mrs.Mamta Kaithwas
  4. Mrs. Neha Chandekar
  5. Mrs. Reshmi Parsaram
  6. Ms.Rupali Bhagat.

The EC is an apex body of the institute which is headed by the controller of examinations and shall be facilitated by three sections. Examination, Record maintenance and Administration. The main function of the committee is to carryout examinations, publish results and award certificates to the students.

  1. Mrs. Shubhangi Moon
  2. Mrs. Arti Goyal
  3. Mrs. Asha Ramteke
  4. Mrs. Meenu Chopra
  5. Mrs. Avantika Gupta

Create safe learning environment for the girl children at schoolboy educating them what is good and bad, and to express if they feel odd anything.

  1. Sr. Mariya Therese
  2. Miss. Sushma Sankwar
  3. Mrs. Sangita Singh
  4. Mrs. Priya Pillai
  5. Mrs. Anagha Joshi
  6. Mrs. Arti Goyal

To secure the lady teachers, workers at work place and to create safe working environment.

  1. Sr. Mariya Therese
  2. Mrs. Avantika Gupta
  3. Miss. Jyoti Dhali
  4. Mrs. Jaya Kushwaha
  5. Mrs. Rupali Salve

To protect children from sexual abuse, pornography and harassment.

  1. Sr. Mariya Therese
  2. Miss. Priyanka Tiwari
  3. Mrs. Priti Nair
  4. Mrs. Savita Bankar
  5. Mrs. Anagha Joshi
  6. Mrs. Puja Patel

Grievance is a formal complaint that is raised by an employee towards an employer with in the work place.

  1. Sr. Mariya Therese
  2. Mrs. Suchita Sonawane
  3. Mrs. Raksha Wankar
  4. Mr. Prabhudas Ramekar
  5. Mrs. Asha Ramteke

The ICC will study and enquire all types of cases or complaint of the students and teachers.

  1. Sr. Mariya Therese
  2. Mrs. Asha Ramteke
  3. Mrs. Jyotilaxmi Kalwal
  4. Mr. Sagar Ghude
  5. Mr. Prabhudas Ramekar
  6. Mrs. Rupali Salve
  7. Mr. Shriniwas

To enhance the physical fitness of the children and to encourage and create in them sportsmanship.

  1. Sr. Selvam
  2. Mr. Prabhudas Ramekar
  3. Miss. Arti Singh
  4. Mrs. Jaya Madot
  5. Miss. Sushma Sankwar

This association is basically made up of two arms, the executive and the general Assembly. The general assembly meets at designed times either quarterly or yearly, while the executive meets as often as the need arises.

  1. Sr. Mariya Therese
  2. Mrs. Arti Goyal
  3. Mrs. Mamta Kaithwas
  4. Mr. Dilip Mulchandani
  5. Mrs. Irfana Begum Sheikh

To have smooth and safe functioning of coming and going of the children.

  1. Sr. Mariya Therese
  2. Sr. Agatha
  3. Sr. Soumya
  4. Sr. Mouli
  5. Mrs. Arti Goyal
  6. Mrs. Mamta Kaithwas
  7. Mr. Prabhudas Ramekar
  8. Mr. Satish Mishra

To function smoothly and to have discipline at school committee puts in lots of efforts.

  1. Sr. Selvam
  2. Miss. Rupali Bhagat
  3. Mrs. Arti Goyal
  4. Miss. Sushma Sankwar
  5. Miss. Jyoti Dhali
  6. Mr. Sagar Ghude
  7. Mr. Prabhudas Ramekar

Association looks after problems of children, awareness, drive and overall observation of functioning of school

  1. Sr. Mariya Therese
  2. Mrs. Priya Pillai
  3. Mrs. Avantika Gupta
  4. Mrs. Priti Nair
  5. Mrs. Jyotilaxmi Kalwal
  6. Mrs. Arti Goyal
  7. Mrs. Rupali Salve
  8. Mrs. Asha Ramteke
  9. Mrs. Sangita Singh
  10. Mrs. Jaya Kushwaha
  11. Mrs. Meenu Chopra
  12. Mrs. Uma Mishra
  13. Mrs. Mamta Kaithwas
  14. Mrs. Reshmi Parasaram
  15. Mrs. Neha Chandekar

Committee maintains strict control over use of tobacco at school. Keeps all the members of school away from tobacco and maintains tobacco free zone. Runs awareness campaigns.

  1. Sr. Maria Therese
  2. Mrs. Asha Ramteke
  3. Mrs. Rupali Salve
  4. Mr. Sagar Ghude
  5. Mr. Prabhudas Ramekar

Committee brings upon awareness about disasters that can happen at school. They present demonstration and trained children to deal with any disaster.

  1. Mrs. Anagha Joshi
  2. Mrs. Uma Mishra
  3. Mrs. Meenu Chopra
  4. Mr. Sagar Ghude
  5. Mrs. Jyoti Varu
  6. Mr. Prabhudas Ramekar

Dilasagram Convent School (CBSE)

Dilasagram Convent School CBSE is a private institution established, managed and run by the Congregation of the Sisters of the Holy Spirit. It is a minority Institution run under the banner of the Catholic Church


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