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Dilasagram School is a Christian Minority institution established in 1976. It started its CBSE wing in 2007. Dilasagram Convent School is owned and administered by the Religious Congregation 'Sisters of the Holy Spirit'. This Congregation was founded by Mother Irmina Hoelscher in Germany on 4th June 1857. She always wished to be open to the needs of the time and extent loving service to the humanity. Sisters of this congregation came to India in 1973 and gradually made establishments in different states. The aim of our Educational Institutions is to establish the Kingdom of God on earth where peace and justice prevail. We as prophetic voices in the world work towards announcing the good news and denouncing the evil.

We give quality education ensuring strong foundation of skills, values, character, competence and confidence to face challenges. Dilasagram Convent School secures 100% result every year. Talented students, efficient teachers and good parents have always been the strength of this school.


To be dynamic communities of love that renews the face of the earth by educating children, youth and women through a holistic approach.


  • To impart sound character and personality.
  • To instill constitutional values to work for a better society.
  • To promote human excellence , critical thinking & scientific approach
  • To promote respect for religions, traditions and cultures
  • To encourage developing talents, dedication and hard work
  • To motivate young minds to be compassionate, sensitive and live by the ideals of personal integrity and social commitment.
  • To promote harmonious relationship with God, self, people and nature.
  • To promote faith by imparting spiritual and human values.

Mission Statement

We Ensure quality education and developing skills, values, character, competence and confidence in our students help them to weave strong a foundation for their future and thus to contribute to the society.

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